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Q: Is stress leading to a decline in YOUR physical health and towards illness and "burnout"?

Q: Is your happiness being affected by an increase in crying spells, worrying, moodiness, anger, frustration, irritability or in seeing the negative aspects of everything?

Q: Are you turning more and more to "escape" - in the form of alcohol, drugs, smoking, food, emotional outbursts or social withdrawal?

Q: Or perhaps you have difficulty concentrating - feeling increasingly confused and forgetful?

How I can help you

Know this: there is no stress "out there" - your stress is "in there" in your mind, it is a learned behaviour, a way that you have taught yourself or been conditioned to act, based on the meaning you choose to give to things, the way you unconsciously run your mental pictures/sounds/feelings and the filters through which you view your life. With hypnosis for re-booting calmness, easy-to-learn NLP mind-coaching techniques for de-stressing your world, lifestyle counselling, and clinical aromatherapy or reflexology - or any combination of these - you CAN get started now, and be just like the testimonials of some of my many clients who are now less stressed - by learning how to keep your stress to healthy, productive levels whilst living life from a more centred, going-with-the-flow kind of place!

Hypnosis for re-booting calmness

Clinical hypnosis empowers you to re-pattern the subconscious "stress" programmes that are running on auto-pilot and causing you to experience "dis-stress" (too much stress). It can elevate you to a more grounded state of being where you can manage your responses to life in a stress-free way - so that every day can feel like as much of a chilled out day as you want it to! With clinical hypnosis you effectively "switch off" the commands that tell you to respond in stressful ways to certain situations. At the same time, your subconscious mind accepts new instructions or suggestions for more useful ways of perceiving and experiencing things and makes that your permanent reality. It is also a fantastic tool for blowing out or releasing any unhelpful emotional attachments to things in your past that are driving your stressful responses in the now!

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NLP mind-coaching for de-stressing your world

NLP-mind-coaching can provide you with a "how-to" tool kit for running your mind in ways that will cause you to feel calm, relaxed, centred and empowered at ALL times, no matter what the situation. It's all about learning easy and practical techniques, so that you have more options about how to view things, feel about them - which in turn opens you up to increased choices for more empowering and useful behaviours. It also enables you to consciously discover your unconscious negative self-talk, your unconscious limiting beliefs, your unconscious "rules" about how things are "supposed to be" and, any unconscious conflicts of values. This is useful for you to discover because these things are all at the source of - and indeed drive - your unhealthy stress levels. NLP mind-coaching finally then teaches you how to "re-wire" these unconscious patterns in just a matter of minutes - with more powerful and positive belief/rule structures and values you are aligned with, that will support you at a subconcious level, with how you wish to experience life!

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Lifestyle counselling

Sometimes of course, all that is needed is a closer look at lifestyle. Lifestyle counselling gives you the time and space to help you review your current stress patterns plus any other lifestyle issues that may be contributing to your sense of stress (e.g. time management, diet, sleep, poor health, exercise) and help you towards discovering and making easy changes that can impact positively on how you - your mind and your body - experience day to day life.

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Clinical aromatherapy massage or reflexology

If you feel that emotional and mental stress has taken a toll on your body and its organs and systems, the relaxation and whole body balancing that regular clinical aromatherapy massage and reflexology provides, can deliver excellent results for you. This can be done via massage with tailored blends that encourage good sleep, deeper and steadier breathing, grounding, and release of muscle tension …..or through stimulating reflexes on the feet in order to bring about deep relaxation and rejuvenation and encourage more optimum functioning of your stress glands, digestion and your immune system.

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Testimonials from some of my many now less stressed clients

"My reason for coming to Mind-Body Matters was that I was getting very stressed over some exams I had to take for my studies. I was worried I would fail the exams and then started getting stressed about the implications of not passing them. I was finding that I couldn't focus and my sleep was badly affected. Meeting Caroline was the best thing that could have happened - after just one hypnosis session I felt so much calmer, like a huge weight had been lifted off of me. Since that session I have been much more able to go with the flow, and was able to return to my studies - and later passed the exams with flying colours!" Mary, Joondalup

"I came to Caroline for help with stress - my work was suffering severely as a result because I was constantly tired, couldn't concentrate, often became angry and then was taking all of that anger home……Through hypnosis and a mind-coaching session, my stress levels reduced and, more importantly, I was able to identify and then change, some of the beliefs and thinking patterns that were creating the stress in the first place. I can now handle stressful situations much more easily, my work has improved and I don't get angry like I used to. I can wholeheartedly recommend Caroline! " John B, Mt Hawthorn

"I lost my job very unexpectedly and immediately went into a downward spiral of stress and anxiety. I was fearful I wouldn't find another job and scared I would have to sell our house. I couldn't stop thinking fearful, negative thoughts and I knew I had to stop it somehow and be positive, but I just couldn't seem to do it. That's when I discovered Caroline - after just 2 sessions of hypnosis I was feeling so much more positive and optimistic, a lot calmer and feeling my old-self again. I was more motivated to apply for jobs and feel confident and yes, the good news is, I did find another job and all is well now!" Peter, Subiaco

"I developed heart palpitations and shortness of breath as a reaction to a very stressful period, during which my partner and I were having some heated arguments. This reaction the developed into my standard way of responding to almost any situation and I didn't seem to be able to stop it. Thankfully I went to see Caroline for some hypnosis. After 2 sessions I no longer suffered from the palpitations. As well as being a huge relief, it allowed me to deal with - and help - resolve stressful situations far more calmly" George, North Perth

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Get started now

Imagine what your life would look, and feel like, if you could finally learn how to "dance on a shifting carpet" and go more with the flow! What YOU would look like and how would you be talking and feeling, if you could stay in a calm and centred place no matter what was going on? Take your first step towards the vision of the positive changes you want to start feeling, by calling me TODAY on 0404 399 644. Or to email me.

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