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Caroline Cunmming

BA (Hons)

Clinics in Blackwall/Woy Woy NSW, and in Nambucca NSW

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Q: Do you “have everything” in life that you could wish for - yet still experience a lack of joy, happiness, fulfillment and freedom day to day?
Q: Do you desire to awaken to your own spiritual reality and Higher Self?
Q: Do you feel like your life should have a meaning and purpose – but you don’t know what it is or if you will ever find it?
Q: Are you experiencing fear, despair, anger or hopelessness as a result of sudden turmoil or unexpected change in your life?
Q: Are you feeling lost, stuck, in mid-life crisis or at a crossroads in life?

How I can help you

If you answered “yes” to one or more of these questions then you may well be entering into a period of spiritual stirring or awakening in your life. Chances are that your Soul even brought you here! Welcome! You may or may not realize it yet but Life truly is meant to be an extraordinary, magical, and benevolent adventure! If you are willing to remain open to - and allow in - some fundamental changes in your perspectives and approach to life, then you are ready to benefit hugely from spiritual mentoring or coaching. Spiritual coaching enables you to see and understand your current life situation from a more liberating, empowering, spiritual perspective. This will provide you with a new roadmap for not only navigating your way through your current “challenge” but also to transcending it - coming to see it as the profound gift and opportunity that it is. You will then be able to use that gift to positively impact others whose lives you touch. The profound reward to you overall will be the beautiful transformation in how you experience your life – that is, with lasting inner peace, joy, happiness, love, freedom and purpose.

Our journey together will work with your current life challenge or line of enquiry. I will blend conventional, practical and therapeutic tools concerning the mechanics of the mind, with a deeper understanding and experience of spirituality, soul agendas, and how Life works. The foundation upon which we walk will emphasize certain universal, spiritual themes (both ancient and contemporary) as well as quantum physics, rather than doctrines or theory’s relating to specific religions. The journey is the destination – and the destination is the journey. Either way, I help hand you back to your Self so that you can easily reconnect with your own spiritual knowing, truth, insight and wisdom. I will enthusiastically and compassionately lead you towards greater fulfillment and the creation of the life of your dreams. Specifically, to:

  • tune into your inner guidance, listen to your soul/Higher Self
  • peacefully navigate and transcend your experience of unexpected change and sudden turmoil
  • un-create inner stress and be happy
  • release the pain of the past and feel free again
  • understand and answer for yourself Life's 4 Fundamental Questions
  • understand and create your life purpose right away (Who You Really Are, Why You Are Here and What You Are Here To Do)
  • create financial abundance through engaging in Right Livelihood
  • understand how to turn your life into an extraordinary experience
  • be a Bringer of the Light - with your message to the world being "your life lived"
  • use and recognize in action Universal Laws - including of Attraction and of Opposites
  • re-create yourself and your life so that you're living your dreams in harmonious alignment with your spirit!

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Get started now

Take your first step towards the vision of getting the positive changes you want to start feeling, by calling me TODAY on 0404 399 644. Or to email me. Options exist for email coaching or face-to-face sessions …..I look forward to working with you and your Higher Self!

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