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Clinical hypnosis and hypnotherapy

Clinical hypnosis and hypnotherapy is, in the hands of a trained professional, a perfectly safe and natural, comfortable, fast, and effective way to create beneficial changes for yourself at the level of your own subconscious programming. Hypnosis is a state of consciousness, known as trance, which you often enter into quite naturally at various times of the day. It is a wonderful tool that you can use to harness your own natural resources and abilities in order to create new possibilities for yourself. Clinical hypnosis and hypnotherapy works because in this state of consciousness, your brain wave vibration becomes slower, giving you easier access to your subconscious mind - while the critical conscious mind remains aware yet deeply relaxed and non-interfering. In this optimum state of "detached parallel awareness", the subconscious mind is much more receptive to setting aside limiting beliefs that may have been holding you back in life and to accepting therapeutic suggestions that will positively change the way you wish to perceive and experience things from now on.

Archetypes - for relationships, personal healing and life-purpose work

Archetypes is a term used to describe the many different "people" or “energies” that live in you, that make up your overall personality. They go a long way to helping you really identify, name and validate all of who you are and what you have come here to do. Based on Jungian archetypes, Katie' Altham's brilliant and "spot-on" model enables each of us to better understand ourselves and define our personality traits - including all our gifts, talents, ambitions, values, motivations, contradictions and challenges. You see, each "person" or "archetype" living within us is like two sides of a coin with a light and shadow side. The light side of all our archetypes names our inherent strengths and the unique talents and gifts we are meant to be sharing (i.e. our life-purpose). The shadow side of all our archetypes represent the fears we are trying to run away from or stop from happening, the challenges and the self-sabotaging "red herring" agendas that we get too focused on...all of which we are here to overcome, heal and transform. Often, a small handful of your archetypes are in shadow and unconsciously dominating all your choices - they rule the roost, cause chaos and squash other parts of you that aren't allowed to come out and play! In using this powerful, successfully proven and highly practical tool, either in its own right or as part of a combined coaching and/or therapeutic approach with trance work, I can empower you to truly transform your life and heal your relationship with yourself and others. The work that we do is always positive and honoring of your unique brilliance - and equips you with a profound "how to" for being a happier and more fulfilled version of you!

NLP mind-coaching

NLP mind-coaching enables you to swiftly, easily and powerfully create positive change and more choices for yourself - with some of the most effective practical tools and techniques available in the world today. These inspirational tools and techniques empower you to become an even better version of who you already are, by enabling you to learn how to take better charge of the running of your mind and therefore of how you do your emotions and behaviours. NLP mind-coaching is a dynamic coaching partnership, ideally suited to people who accept that they - and not anyone else - are fully responsible for their life and how they experience it. For people who want to discover how they have constructed the experience of their reality today (by virtue of the meaning they have given to everything that has ever happened up until now), change it, and learn how to be more of a conscious creator of the rest of their life and how they will experience that. As a mind-coach it is not my job to fix you and tell you the answers - but to ask the powerful questions that will lead you, a naturally creative and resourceful person, to the places where you can cut through your own “stories” that trap you, reconnect to your own truths and solutions and come to you own place of clarity, insight and peace. The journey is always inspiring, often fun and positively life changing!

Clinical aromatherapy massage


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