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Q: Are you seeking to improve your relationships and communication with others?

Q: Are you afraid to truly be yourself with people, to assert yourself or commit to personal relationships?

Q: Do you often say things you don't really mean - or often find yourself in conflict with loved ones or at work?

Q: Do the SAME relationship patterns keep showing up in YOUR life?

How I can help

All relationships, especially the challenging ones, are gifts - mirrors that let us see the deepest parts of ourselves and of our repeating patterns, which we require to heal and transcend. Evolving, fulfilling and alive relationships are all about being fully present, accountable for your own actions, being able to "have the conversation" and honestly saying what you mean. Especially in your intimate relationships, it's about being the real you and not hiding any of that from your partner, so that your self-esteem rises and you fully "show up" in that relationship as someone who is being the real them - as opposed to withholding yourself, making yourself smaller and missing out on the chance to enrich your relationship.

With clinical hypnosis for assertiveness, or NLP mind-coaching for better relating,- or a combination of any of these things - you CAN get started now and master the art of relating and connecting more with others!

Clinical hypnosis for assertiveness

In hypnosis the critical conscious mind is deeply relaxed and you can enjoy seeing an undistorted view of yourself as the quietly assured and assertive person you really desire to be. Because the subconscious mind doesn't know the difference between that which is imagined and that which is real, in relaxed trance state, it readily accepts the vivid, multi-sensory visions of the new assertive you, interacting with others in a way that would allow them to respond to you in a more positive way. As well as this, it can accept verbal suggestions for enhanced abilities to stand up for yourself in a way that lets you say what you mean, calmly and clearly and right when you need you need to. This provides a solid foundation for making assertiveness part of your permanent reality - so that you are able to show others that you know your own mind, deserve their respect and consideration, or are worthy of more responsibility.

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Mind-Coaching for better relating

NLP mind-coaching tools and techniques can equip you to navigate all your relationships with so much more mindfulness and ease! When it comes to resolving or preventing conflict and arguments, NLP mind-coaching offers invaluable and highly powerful techniques for becoming more compassionate with others, for blurring the boundaries of differences between you them and for ways to easily gain multiple perspectives and better understand them and their position. And as far as your intimate relationships go, NLP mind-coaching techniques can enable you to get real about what is truly important to you about this partnership; to uncover limiting beliefs about relationships and replace them with more empowering ones that allow your relationship to flourish; to avoid the rows and tension caused by mind-reading and assumptions, so that you can always and easily remain in a place of love and respect for your partner; to learn techniques for speaking about "sensitive topics" from a mutual place of emotional safety, where both of you truly hear and listen to what the other has said; as well as tools that will enhance your ability to speak honestly and openly with your partner - so that you can fully "show up" as the real you!

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Get started now

What would YOUR life look like, feel like and sound like if you could master the art of relating and connecting more with others? Isn't it time to start claiming this for yourself RIGHT NOW? Take your first step towards the positive changes YOU want to start feeling, by calling me TODAY on 0404 399 644. Or to email me.

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