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Psychosomatic illness

Q: Do you suffer with an illness or condition that is worsened or even triggered by stress?

Q: Have you been living with an illness or health issue for which your GP says has no physical cause?

Q: Could your body literally be trying to alert you to resolve conscious or unconscious feelings of anger, anxiety, fear, depression, resentment, hatred or guilt?

How I can help you

Know this: Your state of mind can indeed influence your health and play a role in physical ill health - indeed, there is even a growing school of thought that certain illnesses and diseases are related to certain emotions. Your subconscious mind literally keeps you alive and it, and your immune system and other bodily systems, are constantly communicating with each other - often along the same neural pathways! Indeed, science has repeatedly proven that your immune system is over 90% psychosomatic - that is, ruled by the power of beliefs at an unconscious level. So, everything that you think or say - the things that you feel, the ways you behave, the emotions you experience - these all produce chemicals in your body and cause some kind of bodily response.

With clinical hypnosis for the mind-body, or NLP mind-coaching for health, clinical aromatherapy, reflexology or lifestyle counselling - or a combination of any of these things - you CAN get started now and learn how to literally re-programme yourself for the solid foundation for a healthy and vital body!

Clinical hypnosis for the mind-body

Clinical hypnosis dynamically allows you to go deep within yourself to the source of your own healing capacity - your subconscious mind. During relaxed trance the subconscious mind can be instructed to do what needs to be done to bring your body into more optimum healthy functioning, to release or to resolve (at an unconscious level) any unhelpful emotional attachments connected to past or ongoing events or situations, that are causing or contributing to the current health problem (even if consciously you have no idea of what that link might be) - and to accept suggestions for better and healthier ways of thinking, feeling and being.

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NLP mind-coaching for health

NLP mind-coaching also powerfully assists you in regaining your healthy, optimum functioning body. It can help you consciously uncover the message for you that your illness might be containing -by helping you discover limiting beliefs or rules in your subconscious mind, that are literally causing stress and ill health in your body - and by assisting you in understanding the positive intentions behind these rules and beliefs….so that you honour these and integrate them into more empowering health-giving positive beliefs and rules. Often, chronic ill health can be an indication that you have lost your sense of self or identity - NLP mind-coaching enables you to re-discover your core values in this world and to develop a mission statement for what you stand for in this life, so that your ego and identity - and thus your immune system - is superbly strengthened.

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Clinical aromatherapy, Reflexology, Lifestyle counselling

Clinical aromatherapy, reflexology and lifestyle counselling can also play invaluable roles in your overall approach to regaining your optimum health - helping you in your overall mission to resolve both the emotional causes and the physical symptoms to bring the body and mind back into balance.

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Get started now

Imagine what YOU will look, sound and feel like when you have your health and well-being right back where you want it - positively serving you in all that you do in life! Take your first step towards the positive changes YOU want to start feeling, by calling me TODAY on 0404 399 644. Or to email me.

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