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Q: Are you someone who can't shed pounds no matter how many diets or calorie counting - or have lost lots of weight before, only to put it all back on again (and more) not long after?

Q: Have you joined a gym more times than you care to remember but aren't motivated to take exercise?

Q: Do you eat when you are stressed, bored, lonely or sad? Or crave unhealthy foods even when you aren't hungry?

Q: Do you know what you should do but somehow "knowing" is not enough?

Q: Do you lack belief that you can shed that excess weight?

How I can help you

One of my top, successful areas of speciality is people who are trying to stop over-eating and emotional eating, to lose weight and in general change to their attitudes about and relationship with food.

If you answered yes to ANY of the above questions, then here is your good news! The secret to YOUR personal weight loss lies in your subconscious mind and the mental and emotional programming and beliefs in there, that have been keeping you "failing", overeating, craving the "wrong" foods, or being unmotivated to exercise all this time! Your eating habits and attitudes to exercise are now learnt patterns or programmes, stored in the subconscious mind and just "tripping out" on auto-pilot all the time. They can be un-learnt in the subconscious mind as easily as they were learnt!

With clinical hypnosis for healthy weight-loss and eating control, and optional support through lifestyle counselling or NLP mind-coaching for success, you CAN get started now and learn how to literally re-programme yourself for the solid foundation of healthy living, that will help you to make it easier to win and stay on track long-term!


All about why use hypnosis for weight loss and eating control; how hypnosis works for weight loss and eating control; how many sessions of hypnosis, testimonials from some of my many happy clients; how to get started now

Why use hypnosis for weight loss and eating control

Dieting NEVER eliminates the subconscious mind's need for excess food. It's just a form of self-torture you go through until you eventually give in to your subconscious desires all over again. This is because for you, there is a "programme" in your subconscious mind to do this - and it trips that programme out time and time again, as if on auto-pilot. You will simply lose weight, gain weight, lose weight and gain weight in this yo-yo fashion because you never let go of the subconscious desire for excess food.

Hypnosis is the one of the best tools you can use to permanently stop over-eating or emotional eating safely and easily - and renew your enthusiasm for moving your body more! As part of an overall programme or plan, clinical hypnosis is often the extra dimension that you need for success in weight loss and permanently maintaining your healthy weight and shape. Trance literally allows you to "unlearn" all those unhelpful subconscious programmes you have, surrounding food and exercise, and your own self-esteem. It also allows your subconscious mind to be very receptive to a replacement for the old eating patterns, simply because your critical, sabotaging conscious mind has relaxed enough to not get in the way of this!

Whilst hypnosis is NOT a magic wand, it CAN do so much more for you, that dieting and willpower cannot - but, as with everything in hypnosis, you have to REALLY WANT to make your changes. This is why I only take clients who are 100% absolutely committed to and wanting to make their change (if that is you, let's get started now!).

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How hypnosis works for weight loss and eating control

  • It enables you to replace or update your old eating and exercise patterns with new suggestions for a more useful way of behaving and being - suggestions that can include you being more satisfied with smaller amounts of food, becoming full more quickly and then stopping eating once full, of craving and selecting more of the healthier foods over the unhealthy foods, and desiring to move your body more in ways that you desire.
  • It lets you switch off the commands that used to make you feel lethargic about exercise or that used to make you want to emotional-eat and over-eat - and allows you to respond to a new set of subconscious preferences that has you valuing and following a mindset of "eating and exercising for a healthy lifestyle"
  • It empowers you to better cope with those situations and stimuli that would have caused you to not exercise or to over-eat or emotional-eat in the past. This leaves you instead, feeling more relaxed, calm, and happy as a person in control of their eating and exercise.
  • It lets you become very receptive to new suggestions for enhanced self-esteem to help you succeed, as well as suggestions for looking, thinking and feeling the way you want to look, think and feel as a person who is losing and indeed has lost all their excess weight and who enjoys exercise!
  • It can also be a very effective tool for getting the subconscious mind to gently and safely release and unhelpful negative attachments in your mind or body, that were contributing to your old patterning surrounding self-esteem, food and exercise.

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How many sessions of hypnosis

Although a lot of my clients can notice profound benefits after their first session, I require them to have at least 2 more sessions. You are after all, interested in creating new habits for life are you not, and for this, repetition of sessions is needed. This shouldn't be so surprising when you consider that all habits become habits through repetition of thought and action - and it's exactly the same for creating your new habit of eating and exercising for a healthier lifestyle!

The majority of clients do need anywhere from 1-3, some even go to 4 sessions and that's quite fine. As you can see, a small investment of time and money - compared with a lifetime of spending on junk food and health bills!

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Testimonials from some of many happy clients

"I came to see Caroline…to make lifestyle changes including weight control and increased exercise. After only one hypnosis session my eating habits were under control and food was no longer an issue in my life. The second session has allowed me to introduce regular exercise into each day……this has proved to be an amazing way to make lifestyle changes in two hours, that I haven't been able to do on my own in over 20 years!" Caryn, Gooseberry Hill

"After being so unhappy with myself, I contacted Caroline in the hope she could help me make changes to my lifestyle. My main concern was lack of motivation, which was attributing to my weight….even after the first two hypnotherapy sessions, I felt "different", more proactive, more motivated and a happier person…..the end result is that long after the 4 sessions I had, I have lost weight, I exercise on a regular basis and I am a happier person about myself!" S Harrison

"I visited Caroline because of my life-long battle with weight. My weight has yo-yo'd for years and this year I finally made the decision to lose weight sensibly and permanently. Although I had made the decision to lose weight, I wasn't sure I had the willpower to follow through. This was going to be a change of lifestyle, not just a crash diet. Caroline helped me get my motivation…..after just the first session I already noticed a difference in my attitude towards food - I actually felt like a salad rather than a takeaway and it was easier to say no to unhealthy foods because I no longer wanted them and I didn't feel deprived. So far I have lost 21kg and I feel fantastic - I don't think I could have done it without Caroline's help" Beatrice Z.

"My main reason for coming to see Caroline was my weight and that food always seemed to be in my thoughts….right from the first session I found that my mindset began to change and I no longer had the urge to snack on the quick junk food. This made me feel really good about myself and has achieved the result I was after." Julie Rigali,

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Sometimes of course, all that is needed is a closer look at lifestyle. Lifestyle counselling gives you the time and space to help you review your current stress patterns plus any other lifestyle issues that may be contributing to your emotional-eating, overeating or lack of exercise (e.g. time management, nutrition, sleep, poor health,) and help you towards discovering and making easy changes that can support you and impact positively on your weight-loss goals.

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NLP-mind-coaching can provide you with a "how-to" tool kit for running your mind in ways that will support you on your liberating journey to that trim body and healthy lifestyle you desire and deserve! The powerful tools and techniques that NLP mind-coaching can equip you with, will enable you to identify unconscious limiting beliefs that are probably stopping you achieving your healthy eating, exercise and weight goals, and to replace them permanently, with more compelling ones that support your goals and that allow you let go of and lose that excess weight and those over-eating tendencies! And, because many people fail to achieve their goals simply because they do not map their route clearly enough, or give themselves plenty of ways to know they are on track, this NLP weight-loss tool-kit also teaches you how to create a truly well-formed weight-loss goal that can be fully measurable in many ways as you progress along your road to trimness and happiness! NLP mind coaching also shows you how to actively get your brain on board, so that it really is set up for the success you crave.

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Get started now

Imagine what YOU will look like with your great trim body and your new clothes! How energised and full of vitality yo will feel, as a result of eating healthy foods in moderation and enjoying exercise! And what you would sound and behave like, with all that extra self-confidence and self-esteem! Take your first step towards the vision of the positive changes YOU want to start feeling, by calling me TODAY on 0404 399 644. Or to email me.

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