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Q: Do you find you spend most of your night tossing and turning?

Q: Or have trouble stilling your mind and getting off to sleep?

Q: Perhaps you just can't stay asleep - and then, once awake, find it's difficult to get BACK to sleep?

Q: Are your health, personal relationships or productivity at work suffering as a result?

How I can help you

Whether through hypnosis for insomnia and better sleep, easy-to-learn NLP mind-coaching techniques for de-stressing your world, lifestyle counselling or, a combination of any of these, you CAN get started now onto the path of a good night's sleep and so ultimately to increased vitality, energy, health and happiness!

Hypnosis for insomnia and better sleep

Clinical hypnosis can be a superb tool to help you re-programme your old, unhelpful subconscious sleep and stress patterns with more useful patterns - where sleep comes more naturally and easily. Indeed, clinical hypnosis is especially useful if you feel that your sleep problems have a more deep-rooted emotional cause - in this case, hypnosis can also assist you in safely and elegantly releasing any unhelpful emotional attachments to things or events in your past that may be driving your pattern of poor sleep in the present (without even having to revisit these experiences).

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NLP mind-coaching for de-stressing your world

If it is your thoughts that keep you from quality sleep or leave you "wired" by the end of the day, then it's time to take charge of your own mind. Easy-to-learn NLP mind-coaching techniques will empower you at a conscious and subconscious level, to effortlessly and positively adjust how you do your thinking about perceiving about your world, so that you live it more calmly and more resourcefully by day - and start sleeping more soundly by night!

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Lifestyle counselling

Sometimes of course, all that is needed is a closer look at lifestyle and lifestyle counselling gives you the time and space to help you review your current sleep routine and patterns plus any other lifestyle issues that may be contributing to your insomnia and help you towards discovering and making easy changes that can impact positively on your sleep and energy cycles.

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Clinical aromatherapy and reflexology

If you feel that daily physical, emotional and mental stresses and strains need to be countered with relaxation and whole body balancing, then clinical aromatherapy massage and reflexology can deliver excellent results for you - be that with tailored blends that encourage good sleep, deep breathing, grounding, and release of muscle tension ..or through stimulating reflexes on the feet in order to bring about deep relaxation and rejuvenation and encourage more optimum functioning of your sleep/wake cycles and metabolism.

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Get started now

Imagine what your life would look, sound and feel like - and what YOU would look, sound and feel like, if you were getting better sleep at night and enjoying more health, vitality and "get up and go" during the day! Take your first step towards the vision of getting the positive changes you want to start feeling, by calling me TODAY on 0404 399 644. Or to email me.

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