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Chronic/Acute health

Q: Are you living with chronic or acute health issues - including cancer?

How I can help you

Know this: We all have an amazing capacity to heal or self-correct. The primary function of our brain is not to think but to keep us alive and well, monitoring and regulating trillions of jobs every second, to keep us in balance and health. Indeed, the subconscious mind regulates the whole of your immune system and all your energy systems. It literally is the key to unlocking improvements to your health and wellbeing - and where cancer and other serious health conditions are concerned, your subconcious mind can assist you in improving your quality of life and in helping you to alleviate the negative side-effects of medications and conventional treatments... as well as in assisting the body in its attempts to come back into balance.

With clinical hypnosis for the mind-body, or NLP mind-coaching for health, clinical aromatherapy or reflexology - or a combination of any of these things - you CAN get started now and learn how to literally re-programme yourself for the best foundation for a healthy and vital body, and for improving your quality of life.

Clinical hypnosis for the mind-body

Hypnotherapy allows you to go deep within yourself and to access your subconscious mind (the source of your own healing capacity) and instruct it to do what needs to be done. At the same time, with your critical conscious mind deeply relaxed, your subconscious mind becomes extremely receptive to suggestions for improving health and quality of life.


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NLP mind-coaching for health

NLP mind-coaching can also powerfully assist you in strengthening and/or regaining your healthy, optimum functioning body. It can help you consciously uncover the message for you that your illness might be containing - by helping you discover limiting beliefs or rules in your subconscious mind, that are literally causing stress and ill health in your body - and by assisting you in understanding the positive intentions behind these rules and beliefs... so that you honour these and integrate them into more empowering health-giving positive beliefs and rules. Often, ill health can be an indication that you have lost your sense of self or identity - NLP mind-coaching enables you to equip yourself with a highly effective tool for discovering your core values in this world and developing a mission statement for what you stand for in this life, so that your ego and identity - and thus your immune system - is superbly strengthened.

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Clinical aromatherapy massage and reflexology

Clinical aromatherapy massage and/or reflexology play invaluable roles as adjuncts to conventional approaches to managing chronic and acute health conditions- whether to relieve stress, assist in pain management, or encourage the body to come back to balance.

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Get started now

Imagine what YOU will look, sound and feel like when you have your health and well-being right back where you want it - positively serving you in all that you do in life! Take your first step towards the positive changes YOU want to start feeling, by calling me TODAY on 0404 399 644. Or to email me.

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