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Grief, loss and letting go

Grief and loss is a natural, organic process we all experience and need to go through when we lose someone or something important to us and the thought that we have permanently lost this person or thing overwhelms us and absolutely disturbs us - even more so if our whole life was centred around this person or thing. Most people can manage this by themselves, with the support of family and friends and the passing of time. However, if you are someone who is experiencing prolonged grieving long after you feel you should have let go, then hypnosis and/or mind-coaching can be a gentle yet extremely effective way to help you respectfully unblock unhelpful thoughts and feelings and move on in life.

Using either hypnosis or mind-coaching can assist you to stop the constant interruption of painful thoughts and memories in your day-to-day life, enabling you to experience your grief as less pervading and disturbing and more controlled and channelled. You can still have your special memories without the gush of painful emotions. Whether you choose hypnosis or mind-coaching to help you, you can be assisted to rediscover the meaning and sense of your own life again, and even to live your life again in a way that would enable you to give meaning to the passing or leaving of a loved one from your world.

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