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Q: Does chronic anxiety weigh YOU down day to day?

Q: Are you living with crippling panic attacks or phobias that stop you getting on with life the way you would like to?

Q: Are fears causing you to stagnate and not be all that you could?

How I can help you

With hypnosis for fear, anxiety and panic, or easy-to-learn NLP mind-coaching techniques for calmness and de-stressing your world - or a combination of the two - you CAN get started now and learn how to live your life from a more centred place, where you are in charge of your emotions (rather than letting them be in control of you!)

Hypnosis for fear, anxiety and panic

Clinical hypnosis is a highly powerful tool to help you stamp out unwanted patterns of fear, anxiety or panic for good - simply because it works at the level of your own subconscious programming for these emotions. Because your subconscious mind has learnt or been taught over time to associate certain triggers with anxiety, panic or fear, it now trips these patterns for you as if on auto-pilot. Hypnosis literally empowers you to switch off these learnt associations and unhelpful emotional and behavioural responses, thereby simply and easily breaking these vicious cycles. Through hypnosis you can then literally replace your old, unhelpful and debilitating patterns with more useful emotions, behaviours and thinking at the subconscious level. These new programmes then become the ones your subconscious mind automatically runs for you in the future - leaving you to enjoy a calmer, happier life!

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NLP mind-coaching for calmness and de-stressing your world

Whenever we experience the sensations of panic, fear or anxiety in our body, we can also know that before we became aware of them, there was a single thought, or series of thoughts at a conscious and/or subconscious level that then generated the uncomfortable emotion. NLP mind coaching enables you to consciously discover how you are unconsciously doing the thinking that causes you to feel afraid, anxious or panicky. Easy-to-learn techniques will then empower you at a conscious and subconscious level, to effortlessly and positively adjust how you do your thinking about and perceiving of certain situations, so that you experience them from a place of more effortless, calm self-control.

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Get started now

Imagine what your life would look, sound and feel, if you could finally banish fear, anxiety or panic from your life and enjoy being more in calm, effortless self-control of your emotional state whenever you desired! Take your first step towards getting the positive changes you want to start feeling, by calling me TODAY on 0404 399 644. Or to email me.

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