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Caroline Cunmming

BA (Hons)

Clinics in Blackwall/Woy Woy NSW, and in Nambucca NSW

Mob 0404 399 644

Hi and welcome!

Mind-Body Matters is all about empowering you to get more of what you want out of life - by helping you think well, feel well and live well!

Offering clinical hypnotherapy, NLP mind-coaching, spiritual mentoring, archetype consulting, lifestyle counseling, clinical aromatherapy massage and reflexology……so that you can gift yourself the keys to greater health; better relaxation; more peace and happiness; ongoing success; better sense of purpose and fulfillment and improved relationships with yourself and others!


  • Unique tailored approach
    One practitioner - with a unique and comprehensive blend of skills, experience, trainings and specialties, that allows you to benefit from either a single session or a specifically structured, multi-pronged programme that best meets your needs
  • Many happy and satisfied clients
    The proof of the pudding is in the eating! Most of my business is now word of mouth – see below and the testimonial page to discover what everyone else is enjoying- and what you could be too!
  • For me – your practitioner….not to be found anywhere else!
    Passionate, warm, caring, positive, down-to earth and very easy to talk to. I hold the highest positive intentions for your growth and happiness, and fully support, honour and encourage you in all your efforts towards becoming an even better version of the wonderful human being you already are! (for more info on me, my training and experience, click here)
  • Professionalism you can trust
    Confidential service. Dedicated to ongoing learning - click here for more info.
  • Personal service
    No secretary, no receptionist, - you will always get to talk to me when you ring up with your enquiries – and if I am with a client, your call will be returned by me that day, or within 24 hours. Guaranteed 24-hour personal reply-service to all email enquiries.
  • Free on-going support post-sessions
    Via monthly inspirational, practical and motivational e-newsletters; entry into monthly prize draw for a free Mind-Body Matters session; unlimited email access
  • Discounts
    I always reward my loyal clients and those who love to refer me to their friends, family and colleagues - and I love to give rewards that are meaningful to each person!

“My background is as a psychotherapist for 19 years in private practice. I have written 3 books... outlining my model for understanding personality, establishing each indivudual's purpose in life... and about understanding relationships. Caroline is an excellent practitioner of my model. Her dedication, enthusiasm and innate gifts for this work, make it my pleasure to recommend her... Caroline is extremely bright, intuitive and sensitive to her clients and able to discern the underlying causes to their current issues. Her success rate is formidable and I believe those who are able to work with her are privileged to find such a talented practitioner. I unreservedly recommend her use of my archetype model!” Katie Altham,. Perth - Author of national bestselling book "Who Am I" and the books "Who Am I - How to" manual workbook and "Who are They?"

“Caroline is such an inspiring person to work with and had me “buzzing” on life after each session!” Melanie, Beeliar

“You provided a caring, relaxed and professional environment that made me feel safe, positive and open – thank you!” Jo.A

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